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Kutir Films Presents 

Yoga for Health 

​​​​​Zoë A. Lewis MD, FACP 

What is Integrative Medicine?

Dr. Zoë A. Lewis made an appearance in Yoga for Health - 2013.​  She received training for Integrative Medicine Coaching from Duke University Integrative Medicine and Harvard School of Medicine Lifestyle Medicine. 

What is now being called ​Integrative Medicine encompasses the areas of mind-body medicine, yoga, relaxation training, guided imagery, hypnosis, meditation techniques, acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, dietary supplements, body alignment techniques, bio-identical hormone replacement and new products designed to slow down the aging process. These modalities have been scientifically shown in research studies to improve wellness, and in some cases, prevent and treat type-2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, dementia, certain cancers, irritable bowel, insomnia, sexual health issues, protect optimal mobility, agility and restore and maintain healthy skin. 

Lifestyle Medicine is a description used by a growing number of healthcare providers to account for the shift away from the old paradigm of conventional insurance-based healthcare, which emphasizes pills and corrective surgery, towards a newer model of health with the focus on self care to protect and restore our health, wellness and vigor.


Health can be defined as the living principle of balance with the world, in our relationships, and within our own bodies.To create one's world to suit yourself and find this balance takes knowledge, courage and discipline.