​​Dear Future Client,  

A few words about who I am, what I do, and why. 

I am a board certified in Internal Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Medicine with 21 years experience in the acute care hospital setting working as a hospitalist.  Since 2006, I have been self employed as an independent contractor physician working in hospitals in underserved or understaffed areas.

I  continue to  maintain hospice and palliative medicine certification, and am one of the  very first thousand certified by the American Board of Medicine to be a specialized provider caring  for those with a terminal diagnosis or other end-of- life concerns. In particular, I worked with advanced dementia patients and wrote a book cited by the National Alzheimers Association to help caregivers of those with any kind of dementing illness. 

The newest exciting work I am doing are my retreats - High Point Retreats and my  integrative medicine consultation service. Both  were founded in 2015 to bring to others my lifetime of self care strategies, now being called 'lifestyle medicine' by medical scholars. Proof of my lifetime commitment to wellness is in the person. What you see with me, is what you get. I can honestly say,  I practice what I intend to teach you. Results are in the commitment.  

I got the most motivation to start up these efforts  when  2 top medical universities now offer professional health coach training to do what I have been doing all my life to stay healthy and vibrant! Getting folks healthy, via more private consultation services, are the goal of the certification courses at Duke University Integrative Medicine and Harvard Medical School Lifestyle Medicine. At the very least, these courses validated the integrative healthcare strategies I have used personally since I was a teenager.  But most of all, I came away with tools and the skills to coach, to help you to back up the choices I already saw personally worked for me. Its never too late to start! According to the World Health Organization, by 2020, two-thirds of all disease worldwide will be the result of lifestyle choices. Currently, the leading causes of death in the United States are lifestyle related: poor diet, lack of exercise, obesity, tobacco use, and overconsumption of alcohol. 

Private consultations, along with the wellness retreats, are designed to change your competence in self care by increasing your knowledge of lifestyle choices  and helping you develop strategies to incorporate it  into your own  care. The newest science of nutrition, physical activity, optimizing stress and management skills are the cornerstones. My retreats will focus on effectively counseling guests to improve their overall lifestyle, including stress management, diet, and exercise with hiking, yoga, breath work, massage and body work, meditation - all of my self care strategies.

Clients will also have the opportunity to commit to improving your personal health practices so that you can serve as a better role model for your loved ones.

Now just a bit about my academic past and credentials. I graduated from medical school - La Università degli Studi di Roma, Facultà di Medicina e Chirurgia - La Sapienza, Rome, Italy,  - summa cum laude,  and completed my internship and residency in Philadelphia hospitals with the University of Pennsylvania. I have held  the titles of Clinical Instructor of Medicine  at Harvard School of Medicine, Tufts University Medical School, University of Pennsylvania and Boston College School of Nursing. 

Earlier in my academic career  I was an  acclaimed speaker on hospice issues and received national recognition from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization  for my leadership role in the development  of new programs for hospice care and end stage dementia patients.  I produced and hosted the  30 minute  radio program,  Hope Through Knowledge Radio for Caregivers on blog talk radio, interviewing  international experts including  guests from the NHPCO, AARP, national aging and elder care organizations, and award winning authors with greater than 10,000 downloads. I was a speaker at the National Council on Aging, American Society on Aging and National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. 

 My book, “I hope they know…The Essential Handbook of Alzheimer’s Disease and Care," is  a listed resource with the National Alzheimer’s  Association,  and the Spanish translation, "La  Guía Holística para la Enfermedad de Alzheimer is also a great resource for the Spanish speakers. 

For a period I was also the  Corporate Medical Doctor for Beacon Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc., ( at the time the largest hospice in New England), until I transitioned to independent contractor hospitalist and consulting  work in 2006. 

I believe your biggest mark in life is upon yourself, so it pays to be knowledgeable and be kind. Join me and grow your vitality.



Dr. Zoë  A. Lewis

2013 Appearance in 'Yoga for Heath' videos for Kutir Films.  Yoga has a direct effect on the body systems.

To create one's world to suit yourself takes knowledge, courage and discipline. Health, our greatest asset, is the living principle of balance in relationships, with the world, and within our own bodies. Some of us are born with genetic luck, yet we all desire agility, flexibility, strength, healthy sexuality, and vigor at any age. There are no short cuts to live a healthy vibrant life whether your age is 21 or 85. Yet, immediate benefits are possible taking specific action.

Certified training for Integrative Medicine Coaching obtained from

Duke University Integrative Medicine and Harvard School of Medicine Lifestyle Medicine. Learn more to book your first appointment here. 

What is now being called Lifestyle Medicine by a growing number of healthcare providers, is simply a shift away from the old paradigm of conventional insurance-based healthcare, which emphasizes pills and corrective surgery, towards a newer model of health with the focus on self care to protect and restore our health, wellness and vigor.


Integrative Medicine encompasses the areas of mind-body medicine, yoga, relaxation training, guided imagery, hypnosis, meditation techniques, acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, dietary supplements, body alignment techniques, bio-identical hormone replacement. These modalities have been scientifically shown in research studies to improve wellness, and in some cases, prevent and treat type-2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, dementia, certain cancers, irritable bowel, insomnia, sexual health issues, and protect optimal mobility, agility. 

Not to overlook my former work dedicated to caregivers, end of life issues, and dementia, if these areas are of concern for you, check out my radio programs and books: 'I hope they know.. the essential handbook for Alzheimers disease and care',  and the Spanish translation,"Espero que sepan: La guía holística para la enfermedad de Alzheimer.” ​

​​​​​Zoë A Lewis MD

Physician, Author, Internet Radio Show Host 
Integrative Medicine Consultant
Founder - High Point Retreats

EMAIL: zoe@zoealewis.com

skype: zoe.ann.lewis