First visit 1 hour consultation  $200

15 minute followup sessions are $25 

​10 followup session packages/$150 

Invoiced via Paypal.

Fees not covered by insurance.

Need active skype account.  

Integrative Healthcare Consultations

Want answers and a care plan? Its easy to  schedule an appointment using the  contact form. 

Consults can cover: 

  1. Nutrition - what should you be eating, examples: anti -inflammatory diet, glutenfree, vegan or vegetarian, protein sources. 

  2. Breathing Techniques - for relaxation, insomnia, anxiety, depression, vitality

  3. Sexuality and Vitality - hormone replacement  therapy for both men and women

  4. Chronic Diseases - which diseases are shown to benefit from integrative medicine approach

  5. Hypnotherapy - health of the mind and body for a mind body connectedness

  6. Yoga practice  - what which why and how it   can help your specific area of problem

  7. Relaxation techniques including types of meditation

  8. Weight Loss with integrative techniques and juicing

  9. Chronic Pain - acupuncture and other modalities for pain control

  10. Increased Agility, Mobility and Flexibility- body work and exercise techniques to help your spine stay young

  11. Supplements, Vitamins 

  12. Advanced Skin Care with Environ and Regenica  product line -  MD distribution only. 

Why ​​a virtual consultation?

Experts explore new ways to treat the mind, body, and spirit -- all at the same time.

Per the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine  "its estimated that 80% of chronic disease can be prevented with modification of lifestyle behaviors, specifically not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, engaging in physical activity, and adhering to healthy dietary principles. However, less than 50% of U.S. primary care physicians routinely provide specific guidance on nutrition, physical activity, or weight control. This may be a direct result of insufficient training, as there is no curricular model for the discipline of lifestyle medicine in undergraduate medical education." Reference - Lianov L, Johnson M. Physician competencies for prescribing lifestyle medicine. Jul 14 2010;304(2):202-203.

Doctors orders -  prescribing exercise 

Doctors orders -  prescribing recipes

Want more scientific background?​

Online Consultation Services can save you time, money, and best of all, new ease in getting individualized & specialized content using the forward thinking paradigm of integrative and lifestyle medicine.  ​

Whether you have questions about what a consult can do for you, or are ready to take the next step into lifelong wellness, I'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below and  contact me about your specific goals. 

​​virtual consultation visits are rapidly gaining popularity these days as more  patients demand  services to help cut costs and get the professional expertise they are looking for - regardless of where the consultant practices. Finding a medical doctor who offers lifestyle and integrative medicine advise they themselves follow, and can attest to, with their own  personal tried and true success, isn't just rare, its valuable! 

The consultation fees cover creating and teaching you your individualized tools based on my specialized coaching training from Duke University Integrative Medicine Program and the Institutue for  Lifestyle Medicine, Harvard School of Medicine. These two medical faculties are forerunners in educating doctors, like myself, towards a new approach of educating their clients about self care options that are in addition to your conventional primary care and specialty medical care. My focus is to promote healthy change in your body by giving you the  tools for optimizing  self care using nutrition, yoga, mind body medicine techniques.

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